You have the power to accomplish your goals. Take charge of your commitment to a balanced, healthy, & sustainable lifestyle. Take the dare and don't look back.
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    • http://t.co/qa5789oN (Beautiful Green-Roofed Brazilian Home is Made From Recycled Bricks |... - StumbleUpon)\\ 3 months ago
    • Show me the money.... http://t.co/uk7qe9Ef #Kindle\\ 3 months ago
    • If you have the space....RT @EcoHomeMagazine Product of the Day: Sun-Tracking PV System http://t.co/J1omHs7B\\ 4 months ago
    • Cool music venue, recycled shipping containers, windmill propellor, even solar-powered! Hell yeah! http://t.co/XuZhLQg3\\ 4 months ago
    • WHERE'S MY BUTCHER??????http://t.co/WClGbZfP\\ 4 months ago
    • Some great times ahead over the next few days. Looking forward to spending it with some great people @ #OG11\\ 4 months ago
    • Accumulating things brings momentary glee, but accumulating experiences brings a lifetime of happiness.\\ 5 months ago
    • Best of luck to all our friends on the East Coast. FEMA: Entire East Coast should prepare for Hurricane Irene - http://t.co/SFkjc8O\\ 6 months ago
    • Can the city of Los Angeles evolve into greatness.....let this thought provoking movie tell the story. http://cot.ag/lS35EZ\\ 8 months ago
    • NETWORK_LA Transit: The movement of people, not cars should be the goal of any public transit initiative. http://www.vimeo.com/25688970\\ 8 months ago

Green Day 2010, Local Eco-Awesomeness

Brentwood’s First Annual Green Day Festival will be held this Sunday, August 22nd.  It will be a wonderful display of local eco-preneurs mingling with their communities and promoting global wellness. In addition to Stuttio’s consultation booth, Adamo will be sitting on a panel of sustainable thinkers to ponder over the green strategies and environmental issues of [...]

7 Keys to an Awesome Day….Every Day!

Everyone’s had that “perfect day” before, or at least damn near close, so how can we capture that and make it happen every day?  Obviously everyone’s answer will be unique to themselves, but after a lot of thought, I think I’ve captured what it would take to get me there.  So use this as a start, rev up your energy and enthusiasm to [...]

Eco-Healthy Entertaining

In the spirit of Earth Day this week [April 22, 2010], its time to throw a healthy and eco-friendly bash.  Here’s how to do it: A ccording to the Clean Air Council, every day 43,000 tons of food are thrown out in the United States, and each year Americans toss out enough paper and plastic [...]

What is Global Well Being?

The definition of ‘global well being’ is simple and inclusive. It is your overall state of wellness on all levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It covers the health of your entire being and extends to your resources, environment and relationships. This  holistic approach to wellness nourtures true happiness and fulmillment in life.


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